Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I did not skip church yesterday to go to toysrus and stand in line for a wii fit, no not me!
I did not make carmel oatmeal bars for new years eve and not say anything when everyone commented on how good they were. Shhhh... they were from a box at sam's club!
I did not have my husband print out holiday bingo cards for my childs party and print out all the same card. The kids pointed it out before I noticed it...oops! Everyone wins, I was just being fair right?!
I did not secretly hope the dog ran away just for a little bit so I didn't have to deal with them today, no not me I love my dogs!
I was not happy when my family went back to school and work this morning, no not me!
I do not hate the winter with a passion, no not me especially since we have 4 more months of it.
I hope your week is filled hope and joy, and no not me's!

1 comment:

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I am hungry after reading about your bars and looking at your pics. Yum..
Do you like the wii fit?! I am thinking of getting one.
As for the cruise? It was cool. I have been on 2 previous cruises, and this one was pretty similar to the other ones, except more disney themed. I am not a huge fan of cruises, I'd rather be on land! My kids loved it though. The entertainment is the best of any of the cruises I've been on .