Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Menu

It's friday! Yah!!!! To wrap the week here's the menu and costing to go along with it. I am assuming that you have the basics in your pantry. Salt, pepper, basic spices ect.


Tuscan Chicken

Baked Asparagus

Basmati Rice

Lemon Tart

Warm french baguette

Serves 6-8 guests

Cost per guests-$3.49 for 6 persons $2.62 for 8 persons

Cost for 6-8 guests- $20.95 for menu
The menu does not include drinks, however a crisp chardonay would be lovely to add to the dinner. Typically I try and stay in the $8-15 dollar range for a decent white wine. If you have no clue what to choose, your local wine shop will be more than happy to pair a wine with your menu. As you can see entertaining can be fun, easy and relatively inexpensive.

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Kim said...

WOW girl, you are all kinds of thorough. And in this economy, who doesn't appreciate it? I know I do!