Sunday, December 14, 2008

For the Love of Logan

There are times in your life where you wish you had your camera with you at all times and this morning was one of them... Our family was sitting in church service this morning, logan next to my husband. As the pastor was leading the congregation in prayer my husband whispered for my to look at logan. It leaned over and took a peek, logan was bent over his hand clasped together in front of his face, his eyes closed tightly, praying with our pastor. The sight was so angelic it instantly made me tear up. The sight of an innocent child so intent in prayer was breathtaking. Now where was that camera?!

1 comment:

ohhollyf said...

oh, that is what I live for!
could you have taken a pic w/ cell phone.....opps, no phone on in church.......glad the Lord allowed you to see that!