Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sabrina's 9th Birthday

My little girl is 9 years old. I cant believe it, it seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarden. Now she is a fourth grader, and man is she smart. It scares me sometimes with the intelligent questions she asks, and then figures out for herself. We started her 9th birthday at Justice for Girls, a very cute ultimate girly store. She invited four of her girlfriends to a webkinz party. For anyone who does not know what webkinz is, it is a plush animal that you put in a code into the webkinz world online in order to create a online home for your pet. Cute. The girls danced, had make overs and shopped in the store for girl stuff and webkinz. We all then went home and had pizza, cake and ice cream. Sabrina told me later " it was the best birthday EVER mom". I'll save that one up for when she turns 13 and I can do nothing right.
Happy Birthday Princess

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