Sunday, September 6, 2009

San Diego Farmers Market

The farmers market is such an amazing place to explore. So many different cultures, foods, produce and fresh meats all combined in a city block. The Hillcrest market in San Diego is consistently rate the biggest and best farmers market in the city. This morning we ventured down to the city in search of treasures. We were not disappointed. The market provided an amazing selection of exotic fruits and vegetables, plus an equal amount of food vendors from various cultures. They all had samples of their wares, making for a very filling visit.
My favorites were the homemade pestos, hummus, yellow plums,purple heirloom tomatoes and the apples that tasted just picked from the orchard. ( oh how I've missed that flavor)
The florals were beautiful and inexpensive. Things I would have normally ordered from high end florist in my previous home were readily available and a fraction of the cost!
The two produce items I was most excited to get my hands on were fresh squash blossoms and Meyer lemons. If anyone has any suggestions for recipes for either one feel free to suggest them to me!

HUGE artichokes

What an amazing color and texture!

Such a vibrant red color

Protea, I used to order these for 7 dollars a stem. They were 7 dollars a bunch at the market!


Chris said...

You'd be sooooooo disappointed with the farmer's market here. Wanna trade?

Were your ears burning yesterday? A food blogger stopped in town yesterday and we were talking about your photography.

Sippity Sup said...

I was in San Diego this weekend. I did not know where the Farmers Market was... I wish I had gone. Maybe I would have run into you. You are going to LOVE California, I can just tell. GREG

Chef E said...

Hmmm, a food blogger stopped at Chris's...wonder who that was...and yes I would so talk about how great your photography is...uh, I mean who wouldn't!

I do not need farmers markets with two acres of garden out back of my friends for the pickin'

Laura said...

I love open markets. I enjoyed going to the Santa Monica farmers market at least once a week while I was there. It's a place full of hidden treasures for the avid photographer you are!

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

I adore visiting the farmers market and especially when I'm visiting other countries. You never know what you'll find!
Amazing pictures full of radiant colors :)