Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For the curious friends....

The house is on 4 acres of mostly a wildlife preserve, we have seen and heard a variety of animals. The view from the porch and the top of the driveway is absolutley amazing. We are however only 15 minutes from the neccesities such as trader joes, in and out burgers, whole foods ect!
The landscapers have been working furiously to plant what looked like an entire nursery. No maple trees here just lots of tropicals and palms.

The side of the house, the windows provide an amazing view of the preserve from the great room

Yes, we still con our children into doing chores for allowance

No comment just liked the photo


Chef E said...

That looks like a wonderful place, and I still can say to my son 1-2, and he jumps, he never has pushed me passed two...good kids are wonderful!

Jana said...

Is this the home you are building or renting? Either way - it just looks beautiful!

Chris said... guys must be hating living in that ghetto like that! ;) ;) :)

Great house, the kids look happy! Be well.

A World in a PAN said...

What a great place! And the luxury of space, so uch space.