Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

Today was my childrens first day of school. My daughter started 4th grade and is determined to independent. She begrudgingly gave me a kiss and ran happily to greet her girlfriends. Logan on the other hand wanted to make sure that I was right there the entire time, he still held my hand and gave me hug when i left. It made it hard for me to leave knowing that he still depends on me for everything even though he is getting so big. My daughter made it easy to leave ( i still worry about her all the time ) so grown up but yet so young. But everything went great and both kids had a great day, phew thank goodness one less worry.

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Carol said...

As I read through this post, I could not help thinking back to when I had a young daughter, who was confident enough to proclaim her independence, much to my dismay!! Who could that have been????
Have a great school year Sabrina and Logan!!!